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Curriculum Information

Our curriculum is bespoke to Edith Cavell Academy - carefully created by us for our children.

We have developed our curriculum over the last few years to ensure we provide our children with the knowledge and skills that are relevant and important to their successes now and in their future education and life.

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Curriculum Drivers
  • Knowledge of the World

  • Character Education

  • Possibilities

Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum is informed by the National Curriculum and is designed to meet the needs of the pupils we serve. It is underpinned by a belief that it is a child’s right to receive an education committed to academic excellence regardless of their background or social standing.


We know that knowledge is powerful. It is our intention that our pupils’ school experience should provide them with the opportunity to go on and succeed in life; a school experience that enables our pupils to be socially mobile as young people and adults. Crucial to our pupils’ success is their language development - the broadening of their vocabulary, the transitions from speaking and listening to reading and writing, and their enjoyment of language. Language will support our pupils fulfil their potential both within the education system and in the wider world.


Our curriculum enables children to build their language and sentence structure over many years. As educators we know that stories are magical and are powerful. Stories provide us with vocabulary, a broadening sense of world culture, the inner template that helps us to understand ourselves and the world we inhabit. Our stories at Edith Cavell also serve as a hook for learning to excite and motivate our pupils.


We are driven to develop the whole child and character education helps children to develop greater resilience.


Possibilities is an important strand to our curriculum as we know that pupils cannot aspire to things they have never encountered. Our curriculum includes 50 Fun Experiences that have been carefully planned in consultation with the wider stakeholders of the school. Many of these open up possibilities to pupils in terms of later education, jobs and life choices.

If you would like more information about the curriculum we run then please use the contact form and we will endeavour to answer your request as soon as possible.

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