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SEMH - SRB Specialist Resource Base

The ECAN SRB – a base where all children can flourish

The SEMH base at Edith Cavell Academy offers placements for children who have social, emotional and mental health needs. The purpose of the placement is to identify barriers to learning, therapeutic needs of the individual and how these can be supported in the pupil’s mainstream environment. We aim to support the child to reintegrate back into their mainstream school setting.

Children’s social, emotional and mental health needs will have been identified by professionals at their home school and they will have already had additional support at school. However, in the base class sizes are smaller with a total of up to eight children.


Our Teams


Mr Moore - Lead Teacher

Miss Webb - HLTA

Miss Mason - Teaching Assistant


Jess Williams - Lead Teacher

Miss Clarke - HLTA

Miss Thompson - Teaching Assistant

Our team is supported by a base adviser, educational psychologists and a family learning support team. This team will build relationships with families and provide support during the placement. The aim of this is to provide opportunities for the family to engage in their child’s learning and development. Working in partnership with pupils, parents and home-schools is central to providing a supportive environment to help pupils overcome the social and emotional difficulties they are experiencing in mainstream education.

Each child will have their own personalised plan to support them with targets agreed at the start of the placement. There will be regular reviews of this plan during the placement. During the placement, the amount of time each child spends back in their home school will increase. The plan will include a reintegration package to support the child’s return to their home school on a full-time basis.

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SRB Curriculum

Our SRB curriculum is carefully crafted with an SEMH focus. Through collaboration with families, home schools and our team  we aim to support the pupils to:

  • Feel connected – to build trusting relationships with both adults and peers, to feel supported and to develop the skills to maintain these relationships.

  • Be empowered – to develop an understanding and awareness of their emotions, and recognise these in others.  To be supported to use appropriate strategies to self-regulate.

  • Have a voice – to learn that their opinions, feelings, emotions and needs are important and valued.

  • Be ready – to feel prepared and have gained the skills needed to continue their educational journey.

The Base curriculum aligns with our mainstream curriculum drivers:

  • Knowledge of the World

  • Character Education

  • Possibilities

We work from a bespoke timetable that prioritises core subjects of English and Maths; every child’s daily maths and English is tailored to meet their individual needs. Beyond these core elements and through a balance of child-led play and exploration, outdoor enhancements and adult-led learning, children’s interests are engaged and gently challenged within the following curriculum themes:

Significant Authors


Historical England

Fantasy and Mythical Creatures


People who changed to world


Way back when...

We work alongside the pupil’s home school to carry out a number of assessments that help to inform us how best to meet individual needs.

We work with the home schools to ensure that we have pre-placement information, including sensory questionnaires, emotional resilience and multi-professional reports. When necessary, we may request assessment to be carried out by other professionals.

The home school will also provide us with current academic assessments that we can track throughout their placement. At the end of placement, we provide a report celebrating the progress pupils have made.

In addition to this, we provide the home school and families with termly reports that highlight the areas covered within the curriculum and progress made in pupils’ emotional resilience. We also provide suggestions and strategies for home school and families to support their children.


SRB Curriculum Extra Documents
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